Refunds has a no refund policy. This applies to all subscriptions (monthly or annual) and consulting services, which have been delivered or part delivered by Company staff. We also do not refund any SMS or MMS charges for usage as outlined in SMS/MMS (Message) Credits. Please do not use the Application at any time if you do not agree with our refund policy. Use of or access to the Application in any way confirms your acceptance of our refund policy. shall under no circumstances be liable to repay/refund the amount to the User once the amount has successfully been credited in the designated bank account of Chargebacks: The amount of a transaction may be charged back or reversed (a “Chargeback”) from if the transaction is either: (a) reversed for any reason, (b) was not authorized or we have reason to believe that the transaction was not authorized, or (c) is allegedly unlawful, suspicious, or in violation of the terms of this Agreement. In such cases, a grievance application mail needs to be sent to which shall be evaluated. The user should supplement the application within 3 business days of the acceptance of the application, failing which the User loses its right to a chargeback. On successful evaluation of the application, if there seems to be one of the above mentioned transactions, the charges would be refunded within 7 business days.

In case, is not able to list the properties on the platform post payment due to any technical issues, then we shall refund the amount in the same account from which the remittance was initiated.

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